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Established in 2010 following a lack of availability of good quality grooming options and to fill that

void in the Maitland and surrounding areas.

‘Groom N Dogs’ aims  to Provide a Professional Top Quality service for all your pet needs.

Ensuring  that all Pets are cared for in a proper and caring manner.

Groom N Dogs’ has now expanded to include, not only professional grooming of your Furbabies, but more Pet Products and Services:-  *  Dog Toys  * Flea & Tick products  

* Quality Pet mince    * Fresh Frozen Bones    * Dog training Aids  * Visiting Vet service  

*  Access to a Professional Delta Dog Trainer   *  Pick-Up and Delivery service,

*  Pet Care & Grooming Workshop, with Hands-On learning with your own Pooch.

‘Groom N Dogs’ groomers are qualified and certified Professional Stylist/Groomers who strive to provide

you with a quality service and groom, while taking Pride in all aspects of the task at hand.

 Groom”N Dogs Never use Sedation - we use our Knowledge and Experience to achieve results.

Value for Money - Best Services and Grooms possible.

‘Groom N Dogs’ ensures the handling, treatment and comfort as well as safety of your

furbaby is paramount at all times.

Certified Professional Pet Stylist

And has also attained the following;

Consultation  with you about your Furbaby’s coat and needs.  

Showing you the various options available, for your furbaby’s coat  and wellbeing,

with regards to what suits you as well and your lifestyle - IS OUR WAY OF DOING BUSINESS.